The past and present of shopping trends

online shopping deals

Shopping Deals

What we knew about shopping a few decades ago, no longer stands true. The story line has changed big time. The past and present of the shopping trends show marked differences. While some of the difficulties of conventional shopping have been reduced somewhat, there are other major problems that have popped up with the advent of online shopping. Let us have a look at the then and now shopping scenario:

How has shopping trends shifted the gear?

  • The research:

Earlier, buyers had to visit shops in person and learn about the products from a salesperson. But, this trend has changed in the sense that buyers no longer need to go to real shops. They do their bit of research absolutely online! Online shopping sites have provided a platform wherein people can sit at home and gather knowledge about the various products and services.

  • The luck factor:

Finding a store that had the desired product was a matter of happy chance in the past. But, now with online shopping, this luck factor seems like a trivial issue. You have an online portal to explore, you have a wide range of products to choose from and you have cargo’s that deliver these products at your doorsteps.

  • Price cries:

Gone are those days when people used to bargain for the best buys. With discount online shopping portals providing exclusive and rich price reductions, buyers no longer need to waste their energy in trying to buy something for the cheapest possible price.

  • The throng:

During the days of traditional shopping, buyers used to throng shops for the perfect deals and the best buys. Shopping was absolutely not a fun experience. Today, online shopping sites have paved the way for hassle-free shopping, anytime, anywhere.

  • Free shipping:

Traditional shopping came with all the difficulties of a buyer having to carry his purchases home all by himself. Online shopping has provided people with the free shipping options. Moreover, payment options like cash-on-delivery and EMI have further managed to steal the show.

Where did online shopping go wrong?

The concept of online shopping had everything that could inspire shoppers to welcome it with open arms. But, there was one aspect which was a big minus point. Online shopping could not offer the provision of seeing, feeling and then deciding to buy a product. There was just an image, rotatable over full 360 degrees or other virtual try-ons. These facilities were not enough to satiate shoppers.

Does OffersAfrica have a solution?

The concept put forward by OffersAfrica stands unparagoned. This online portal provides the advantages of discount online shopping, dismisses the cons of traditional shopping and also makes sure that people get to run hands over products for real before purchasing. The site is all about promotional codes and huge range of products and services, ranging from stationery items to airline ticket bookings to gadgets and gizmos, fashion accessories, clothing, vehicles and the list just goes on. The promotional codes offer discounts which can be availed in shops that have genuine existence. So, it is actually about researching for a product online, knowing about the associated discount and the location of the shop selling the product without being a part of some crowd, and buying it without getting pestered.


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